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About Our Photography

A beautiful picture creates a memory to last a lifetime.

We are a family of photography professionals/enthusiasts who love creating memories to last a lifetime. We are based in the greater Chicago area about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee.

We specialize in event and portrait photography and take great pride in the detail we capture in our pictures. When planning an event, you take weeks, months, or sometimes even years working out all the details. We want to make sure that you retain lasting memories of what makes your event unique and special. Whether it be the cuff links with the Bride & Groom’s name, the earrings, ankle bracelets, the table centerpieces, room decorations, event invitations, or the guest book, we make sure to get it all.

Emotion is a big part of any event. We are there to capture the love, laughter, and pride shown by you and your guests. Emotion is what makes our memories vivid and capturing them photographically is what keeps them fresh in our minds.

We understand the importance of children in a family and focus on the joy they bring to your event. Children and family portraits are what bring us the most pleasure. We routinely volunteer our time to the Caring Arts foundation ( taking portraits of young cancer patients and their families at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in downtown Chicago.

About Our Family

My wife, Sharon, and I have raised 5 children and now have 2 beautiful granddaughters. All of our children are involved in photography to some extent, most at least to the advanced enthusiast level. Even our oldest daughter, Cheryl, who is legally blind, loves to take pictures of her African Grey parrot with her cell phone. Our younger daughter, Jennifer, takes a very active role in our photography business. She is the primary photographer at any event we attend and is very talented when it comes to composition and detail. Our three boys are all accomplished professionals who love their photographic hobby and have taken some amazing pictures. Now our oldest granddaughter is getting the bug. You will find the galleries of pictures on this web site to be a combined collection of all of our efforts.

Children's Hospital

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